In this ongoing series of carved sculptures, my goal is to record a decision-making process during a particular time and space. I look at them almost as artifacts of determinism; objects that preserve and depict a section, a snapshot of my code. A constant code of inputs and output that interact with one another. A thought process that is made up of many small decisions, undoubtedly referencing the decisions and outcomes preceding it. How much of our current decisions are based on those that came before? ​​​​​​​
Determinist Carvings, c. 2021-2022
          I try to fully allow the moment and the situation to guide my decisions regarding the criteria of the path. Is it a single line from end to end or is it made up of many connecting pieces? How deep are the grooves? What is the concentration of grooves in a particular area of the sculpture? I make these decisions as in the moment as one can possibly be. After I carve the sculpture, I am able to reflect on the decisions and see myself reflected in the decisions.
          A favorite material to work with for these sculptures is plaster. The material carves away easily and allows for spur-of-the-moment decisions to be made and executed quickly and easily. This fits my concept of laying down my decisions at the moment without overthinking their compositional or formal qualities. In a way, I am trying to express my base level of decision-making; to peel away the layers of other people's ideas that we are all inundated with constantly via our teachers, peers, media that can plaster over who were are. We can find ourselves wrapped up in a narrative based on the ideas of others.
     When I reflect on the finished sculptures and question each of my decisions to turn left instead of right, to connect or not to connect, to smooth or to leave sharp, I get a glimpse into my own psyche.
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